Iceland is a relatively rich nation whose inhabitants enjoy a high standard of living and relatively safe environment. Iceland is proud of its social welfare system that aims to provide for the basic needs of all citizens.

The country has been moulded by two major determinants: its landscape and its climate. The natural force dwelling within the Icelandic nation has provided these hard working people with energy, optimistic and entrepreneurial spirit to drive the Icelandic nation towards the forefront of the international community, where an equality, freedom and peace is highly appreciated. 

The Icelandic people have a great love for the beauty of nature and a deep respect for the harsh forces that have shaped it. This respect for the forces of nature is ingrained in the national character of a people who are at their best in the great outdoor. It is important to understand how the terrain and climate have shaped the Icelandic people, as well as an insight into their values and attitudes.

The business environment can be described as those of hard working fishermen, hunters that need to seize the opportunity when it presents itself, so that enough supplies can be brought back home to support the family during the harsh winter months. 

This is how the company culture in Iceland has been built up with rather flat organizational chart, where people are interdependent of each other using short channels from the workers up to the decision makers allowing fast decisions to be made when needed.
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